Energy efficiency

The development of studies of Energy Efficiency, together with the use of the control system for monitoring and taking data in existing buildings, allows to obtain spectacular results in terms of the design of facilities and buildings with a high degree of energy efficiency, reducing consumption and the energy expenditure of the same.

Methodology for the development of energy efficiency studies:

  • Data collection
  • Energy modeling
  • Economic feasibility study
  • Optimal solution from the economic and technical point of view.
  • Design of customized installations

Methodology for the development of energy management:

  • Automatic data acquisition system
  • Control ranges in facilities and their performance
  • Control ranges in energy consumption and cost
  • Effectiveness of facilities
  • Energy consumption optimization

Results obtained:

  • Efficiency of facilities
  • Ensure air quality
  • Ensure thermal comfort
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Lower installed power
  • Lower maintenance costs