Work areas

Fridama designs and execute all kind of projects of air conditioning, electrical and control facilities. We perform studies on Energy Efficiency to optimize the facilities from the point of view of consumptions and energy expenditure. We make personalized designs in order to adapt at each moment to your needs, offering maximum professionalism in the execution.

  • climatización
  • electricidad
  • control
  • eficiencia energética

Air Conditioning

The main activity of the air conditioning work area is the execution of studies, cost estimations, projects and installation of air conditioning and industrial ventilation systems.

  • Technical reports of the status of existing facilities.
  • Feasibility studies and projects for refurbishment of existing facilities.
  • Design and project of air conditioning and industrial ventilation facilities.
  • Management and execution of works according to prepared studies and designs.
  • Commissioning and legal authorizations of facilities.
  • As Built documentation of installations (Technical plans and diagrams)
  • Maintenance books of facilities.
  • Training courses within the commissioning of facilities.
  • Preventive, corrective and maintenance services.

Air conditioning facilities



The main activity of the electrical division is the execution of studies, cost estimations, projects and installations of all sorts of electrical systems.

  •  Design, supply and installation of electrical boards
  • Design, supply and installation of wiring electrical networks
  • Design, supply and installation of lighting systems
  • Transformation centers
  • Electrical power generators

Lighting installations


Control systems

Fridama has a wide experience in the design and installation of control systems for air conditioning and lighting installations. The control system enables through a SCADA system, the control and management of one or several installations in real time from one or more remote locations.

  •  Automation of installations
  • Remote control of installations
  • Monitoring and visualization of the installation status and locals in real time.
  • Development of specific databases for each facility (Consumption, hygrometric conditions, faults registry…)

Plataform to control facilities

eficiencia energética

Energy efficiency and management

The development of studies on energy efficiency, with the usage of control systems for the monitoring and data acquisition in existing buildings, allows getting spectacular results regarding the design of facilities and high energy efficiency buildings, reducing energy consumption.

Methodology for developing of energy efficiency studies:

  • Data acquisition
  • Energy modeling
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Optimal solution

Methodology for developing of energy management:

  • Control. Automatic data acquisition system
  • Control ranges in facilities and their performance
  • Control ranges in energy consumption and cost
  • Effectiveness of facilities
  • Energy consumption optimization

 Results obtained:

  • Efficiency of facilities
  • Ensure air quality
  • Ensure thermal comfort
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Lower installed power
  • Lower maintenance costs

Energy efficiency studies