Fridama, Gazelle company 2018

The Ardán 2018 report -from the Free Trade Zone of Vigo, which analyzes more than 20,000 Galician companies- has placed Fridama Instalaciones as Gazelle Company 2018, one of its indicators of Good Business Practices. Ardán labels those companies that sell and grow with this indicator more than 25% three consecutive years as long as the first exceeds 300,000 euros.

Empresa Gacela 2018_

Since 1995 the Ardán information service has been developing a line of research with which it identifies and recognizes excellence in the Galician companies. Through the analysis and dissemination of Good Business Practices, it identifies those companies that have a high degree of performance in certain parameters of their activity, by creating indicators of Best Business Practices.

In the year 2018, 1754 Galician companies have been worthy of some Ardán indicator. The data show that these companies, although they represent only 6% of the companies analyzed, account for 41% of the operating income and 46% of the Gross Value Added of the Galician economy, which accounts for its importance .


The sector of energy facilities has undergone a real revolution over the last few years.

New times and new rules are incorporated into a traditional sector. The introduction of new generation refrigerants, intelligent control systems or the incorporation of digital technologies already mean a paradigm shift in HVAC technology. In the same way, the use of renewable energies, low energy lighting systems or home automation are already a reality for the electrical installations sector.

All these innovations contribute to energy efficiency, quality of service and respect for the environment of energy facilities and buildings.

Fridama is committed to innovation in its processes and services, incorporating advanced technologies that increase energy efficiency and provide the highest standards of quality and respect for the environment.

Fridama Instalaciones has been a beneficiary of the European Fund of Regional Development whose objective is to promote research, technological development and innovation and thanks to which has been able to incorporate innovation in their processes by acquiring fixed assets and services to improve the quality of their processes and the environmental management of the company. This action took place during 2017. For this, it has had the support of the InnoCámaras program of the Chamber of A Coruña.


Fridama participates in the Hannover Technology Fair

Feria Hannover

Fridama has been operating in Germany as a specialist company in air conditioning, electricity and control & automation facilities since 2013, having as suppliers and consultants to different specialized German companies. 

Fridama, in its desire to know the main innovations of the sector and to facilitate access to new customers and suppliers in Germany, attended this year the annual Hannover-Hannover Messe Fair, which has been celebrated for 60 years and is the main market for Leading technologies, materials and ideas. In this edition, held from 24 to 28 April 2017, there were more than 225,000 attendees at the fair. 

The exhibition has brought together eight important trade fairs in one place and allowed, therefore, the interaction and integration between different industries and fields of application. Hannover Messe included industrial process automation, building production and automation, a wide range of energy technologies, industrial and service software and much more. 

Fridama Instalaciones SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to achieve a more competitive business environment and thanks to its participation in the visit to the Industrial fair in Hannover (Germany) to promote its internationalization. This action took place in April 2017. To this end, it has been supported by the International Program for the Promotion of the Chamber of Commerce of Pontevedra, Vigo and Vilagarcía.

Fridama participates as an exhibitor at the Smart City World Expo 2016

Fridama en el Smart City World Expo 2016

From November 15th to 17th, the sixth edition of Smart City World Expo Congress took place in Barcelona, the most representative event to discover the latest innovations, trends and technologies around the so-called Smart Cities.

Energy saving in large cities is one of the industry’s major concerns in the 21st century, increasingly developing the concept of intelligent buildings. The aim is to achieve total control of the installations and systems integrated in the buildings that allow a more efficient management and control, the main technological challenges.

FRIDAMA INSTALACIONES has participated as an exhibitor, presenting the professional services offered in this area. In this edition there has been a notable increase in participation compared to the previous edition, close to 30%, with more than 16,000 accredited visitors and about 600 exhibitors present.

This action is part of the promotion project presented to IGAPE for Foreign Promotion of Galician Companies (GALICIA EXPORTA EMPRESAS). This line of support is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund by 80%, under the Feder Galicia´s Operative Program 2014-2020.

Project funded by:

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Fridama at the International Fair Refriaméricas 2016


FRIDAMA INSTALACIONES has participed with a Stand at the International Fair Refriaméricas 2016 that took place on June 2nd and 3rd June 2016 in Panama City.

More than 90 HVAC companies have exposed the newest systems in this Fair, now in its tenth edition. This fair has consolidated as one of the main events in Latin America for Heating , Ventilation and Air-Conditioning sector.

This action is part of the promotion project presented to IGAPE for Foreign Promotion of Galician Companies (GALICIA EXPORTA EMPRESAS). This line of support is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund by 80%, under the Feder Galicia´s Operative Program 2014-2020.

Project funded by:

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