Fridama participates as an exhibitor at the Smart City World Expo 2016

Fridama en el Smart City World Expo 2016

From November 15th to 17th, the sixth edition of Smart City World Expo Congress took place in Barcelona, the most representative event to discover the latest innovations, trends and technologies around the so-called Smart Cities.

Energy saving in large cities is one of the industry’s major concerns in the 21st century, increasingly developing the concept of intelligent buildings. The aim is to achieve total control of the installations and systems integrated in the buildings that allow a more efficient management and control, the main technological challenges.

FRIDAMA INSTALACIONES has participated as an exhibitor, presenting the professional services offered in this area. In this edition there has been a notable increase in participation compared to the previous edition, close to 30%, with more than 16,000 accredited visitors and about 600 exhibitors present.

This action is part of the promotion project presented to IGAPE for Foreign Promotion of Galician Companies (GALICIA EXPORTA EMPRESAS). This line of support is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund by 80%, under the Feder Galicia´s Operative Program 2014-2020.

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