Specialists in
design, implementation and maintenance of
Air conditioning and Electricity.
Advanced Control Systems
and Energy Management

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About us

Fridama Instalaciones was founded in 2005, specialized in the design, implementation and maintenance of air conditioning, electrical and control facilities.

Since its beginnings the Company has executed installations in diverse European and Latin American countries, always betting on the quality and innovation of services.

Fridama staff includes high specialized professionals with wide experience within the energy facilities sector.



We offer our expertise in design and execution of air conditioning, electricity and control. We complement our work with the study and advice on energy efficiency.

Work areas

Fridama provides advanced solutions in the implementation of projects and execution of installations within the following areas.

  • Shopping Centers
  • Commercial Stores
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Museums
  • Sport centers
  • Hospitals

Air Conditioning

The main activity of the air conditioning work area is the execution of studies, cost estimations, projects and installation of air conditioning and industrial ventilation systems.


The main activity of the electrical division is the execution of studies, cost estimations, projects and installations of all sorts of electrical systems.

Control systems

Fridama has a wide experience in the design and installation of control systems for air conditioning and lighting installations. The control system enables through a SCADA system, the control and management of one or several installations in real time from one or more remote locations.
eficiencia energética

Energy efficiency and management

The development of studies on energy efficiency, with the usage of control systems for the monitoring and data acquisition in existing buildings, allows getting spectacular results regarding the design of facilities and high energy efficiency buildings, reducing energy consumption.



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